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The Endoscopy Center at St. Francis

Welcome to The Endoscopy Center at St. Francis. Since opening our doors in August 1995 as a Medicare and Indiana State Board of Health certified Endoscopy Center, our staff and physicians have been  committed to providing a high quality patient focused clinical program. 


“Earning Trust Through Quality” is mirrored in the high level of satisfaction stated by surveyed patients.  In May of 2008, we partnered with St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers  and have continued to provide a state of the art facility designed with quality, safety, privacy, efficiency and patient convenience in mind.

Our Mission, Values, Vision

The corporate commitment of Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology, The Endoscopy Center at St. Francis and Indianapolis Gastroenterology Research Foundation  to the patients we serve is to provide the highest quality gastrointestinal care available. 


We are respectful of and protect the patients’ need for confidentiality, privacy and security.  We will insure that each patient participates in making informed care decisions considerate of ethical issues that may impact their care and we will work with the patient to resolve any complaints or conflicts. 

We will provide treatment without regard to race, creed, color, ethnic origin, nationality, sex, handicap, age,  affiliation with fraternal or religious organizations, cultural background, economic background, educational background or the source of payment for care.  We are dedicated to providing this care for the betterment of our profession, community and patients.

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