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  • On-the-Go Access to Health Information

    By Jim Turner, CEO of Indy Gastro

    Thanks to our recent partnership with the popular healthcare mobile app iTriage, Indy Gastro patients now have on-the-go access to symptoms, diseases, procedures and physician information in the palm of their hand.


    Partnering with iTriage complements our focus on providing more information about the services we offer, and helps our patients quickly and conveniently obtain medical information. iTriage enables the physicians at Indy Gastro to connect with patients at their time of medical need by providing them with detailed information about their backgrounds, capabilities and areas of specialization.  iTriage allows users to…

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  • Celiac Disease: An Under-Diagnosed GI Disorder

    By Dr. Lisa Bauman

    It may not be easy for patients to talk about recurring problems in their bodies like chronic diarrhea or constipation, weight loss, pale stools, tingling numbness in the legs and skin rash. But it may be a sign of a condition which doctors are learning more about called celiac disease  which may explain the aforementioned issues.


    Celiac disease is a hereditary immune digestive disorder that interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. It is a genetic disease that runs in families, affecting as many as one in every 133 Americans.

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  • Understanding Colon Cancer and Colonoscopy

    dr-chengBy Dr. Shan Cheng

    The average person has a five percent chance of developing colon cancer in their lifetime. However, a patient’s risk for colon caner is greatly increased if there is a family history of colon cancer or polyps  - a benign, non-cancerous growth in the intestines. However, if detected early, the success rates are much higher.

    Since its founding in 1991, the Indianapolis Gastroenterology Research Foundation has made research in colon cancer screening a cornerstone of its mission. Our work in this field has resulted in higher than average detection rates amongst at-risk patients.

    Colonoscopy  is the most accurate test for colon cancer screenings and early detection. Colonoscopy is recommended for all patients at the age of 50 and earlier for those with a significant family history of colon cancer or polyps. Colonoscopy allow for both the detection and removal of polyps which otherwise might have transitioned into colon cancer.


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  • What is an Ulcer and How to Manage?

    dr-drakeBy Dr. Luke Drake

    Ulcer is a word we’ve all heard and something we fear but actually may not know much about. Interestingly, one in every 75 people in the U.S. is affected by ulcers - and to be exact, peptic ulcers. The good news, the vast majority of ulcers is easily managed.

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at Indy Gastro about ulcers.

    What is a peptic ulcer?

    A peptic ulcer is a sore that can form on the lining of the stomach or the duodenum -- the first part of the small intestine.


    What are the symptoms of peptic ulcers?

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  • New High Definition Technology Helps Diagnosis

    dr-craneBy Dr. Andy Crane

    High definition technologies have heightened our viewing experiences from televised sports to blockbuster movies but HD is also now helping the medical world and allowing IGH to save lives.

    In an era where everything seems to be evolving toward "high definition," your healthcare is no exception. At IGH, we are now using HD cameras for our endoscopic procedures in order to more accurately detect potential abnormalities. Utilizing HD cameras, during endoscopic procedures allows detection of the smallest precancerous lesions.  


    Now, another older technology is available in high-resolution format. “Esophageal motility” studies now use highly sensitive pressure sensors to detect motility problems in the esophagus.

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  • Indy Gastro's Patient Portal

    It is 2016, and we are surrounded by modern technology, yet most physician practices still hand patients a clipboard full of registration forms to fill out.  Indy Gastro is embracing technology – offering its patients an online personal health record (PHR) that can be used to organize, manage and share health information.

    We have partnered with NoMoreClipboard (NMC), one of the leading PHR solutions available.


    You can create a free NoMoreClipboard account right from our website at  From our home page, scroll down and click on the NoMoreClipboard link that says “Register Now”. 

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