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Learning How to Manage Acid Reflux

dr-sperlBy Dr. Brian Sperl

Have you ever experienced a burning pain in the middle of your chest that extends to your stomach? That is actually a symptom of one of the most common GI disorders - gastroesophageal reflux disease, most commonly known as acid reflux disease or GERD.

Acid reflux can cause both short-lived and long-term discomfort to those with the problem. Thankfully, there are a variety of methods to alleviate acid reflux with most as simple as making a few lifestyle changes. For more serious cases, a simple medical treatment plan or a minor procedure can resolve the problem.

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Indy Gastro Making Life Easier for Patients

dr-craneBy Dr. Andy Crane

Thanks to our New GI Center in Shelbyville, we’re bringing the benefits of our care, expertise and experience to your doorstep at Major Hospital.

Patients got an early Valentine’s Day present from Indy Gastro with the expansion of our Shelbyville clinic in early February.

We increased our hours of operation to allow for at least five days per week and even several Saturdays throughout the year.

These changes were based on the needs of our patients and we are excited to welcome this new revolution to our already top grade service. Our Major Hospital clinic has made life easier for many of our patients who can now undergo many different treatments in one space.

Thanks to our multi-specialty facility, the days of inconveniently shuttling between Shelbyville and Indianapolis are gone. And so far, early patient feedback shows that all are delighted with the comfortable surroundings, convenience of service and especially by the time and care taken by our dedicated team.


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We’re Keeping Score: Quality Measures at Indy Gastro

dr-morelliBy Dr. Michael Morelli, CPE

At IGH we pride ourselves on making sure you are our first priority. We value every patient who makes the decision to schedule an appointment and, if necessary, their treatment at IGH.

Naturally, the subject of gastroenterology can cause worry and also raise concerns about one's health. However, you can trust that we have an unyielding system and level of care that helps alleviate that worry in our patients. Our team's focus is to study and evaluate our patients in the most efficient and concentrated manner.

And we know that our methods are working, as our team scores higher than average in several the key areas of investigation compared to other medical units nationwide.


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Favorite Mobile App Feature!

With a multitude of health-related mobile apps available for doctors and patients alike, we thought it would be fun to learn what the doctors at Indy Gastro are downloading.

Check out what Dr. Luke Drake has to say about his favorite mobile app…


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