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Indy Gastro Making Life Easier for Patients

dr-craneBy Dr. Andy Crane

Thanks to our New GI Center in Shelbyville, we’re bringing the benefits of our care, expertise and experience to your doorstep at Major Hospital.

Patients got an early Valentine’s Day present from Indy Gastro with the expansion of our Shelbyville clinic in early February.

We increased our hours of operation to allow for at least five days per week and even several Saturdays throughout the year.

These changes were based on the needs of our patients and we are excited to welcome this new revolution to our already top grade service. Our Major Hospital clinic has made life easier for many of our patients who can now undergo many different treatments in one space.

Thanks to our multi-specialty facility, the days of inconveniently shuttling between Shelbyville and Indianapolis are gone. And so far, early patient feedback shows that all are delighted with the comfortable surroundings, convenience of service and especially by the time and care taken by our dedicated team.


map-itThe great response and feedback from our Shelbyville office has many new patients visits to the new office. In our line of work having word of mouth recommendations is the greatest compliment. And that is a great credit to our experienced staff team at the facility consists of Dr. Paul Haynes, Dr. Andrew Crane and Dr. David Brown.

The person working behind the scenes to help schedule patients and to facilitate their care is Ms. Cathy Creal, a Shelbyville native who has worked at IGH for about two years. Cathy brings a lot of experience to the office and provides the clerical support to make the every patient’s office visit run smoothly.

Our team can perform a full range of clinical services as well as more extensive procedures at the new Indy Gastro/ Major Hospital Multi-specialty center, which is located at 30 W. Rampart Street #160, Shelbyville, 46176, or in the Major Hospital endoscopy suites.

Our hours of operation are now Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and we have already started providing colonoscopies on specific Saturdays throughout the year.

We took the decision to carry out procedures, including sometimes-major operations, on a non-work day to make it easier for our patients.

In today’s fast paced demanding work life, taking time off work for medical matters is never easy so being open on select Saturdays throughout the year is often easier for the patient and their family members to support them for their appointments and procedures.

We are delighted with the overall feedback from patients surveyed in our first few weeks of operation. Patients like the location as it boasts easy access to the building and ample free parking spaces just a few steps from the center.

Several patients commented saying that the office and medical room were comfortable, private and quiet, and made them feel relaxed. We have also received exceptional appreciation for our doctors’ commitment to spending enough time and consideration with each client.

A major complaint at some facilities is that a patient feels they are being rushed during their appointment; but at IGH, we are focused on ensuring that our patients have ample time with our team.

The benefit of our expanded clinic means the lab and radiology department are just a few steps away, meaning that the patients do not need to leave the center for those services.

Jim Turner the Indy Gastro’ CEO said: “I am very proud of what we have achieved in our clinic at Major Hospital in such a short time.

“When patients made it known that they wanted more hours, we listened. As we have always made our patients a top priority. And we are delighted with their feedback.

“Now for patients who reside in the Shelby County area no longer need to travel to Indianapolis for their GI care.

“We offer the same level of clinical services for Gastroenterology services in both of our centers.”

Patients can call the Indy Gastro office directly at 317-392-7477 to schedule an appointment to see Drs. Haynes, Crane or Brown in the Shelbyville office.

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