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Indy Gastro's Patient Portal

It is 2016, and we are surrounded by modern technology, yet most physician practices still hand patients a clipboard full of registration forms to fill out.  Indy Gastro is embracing technology – offering its patients an online personal health record (PHR) that can be used to organize, manage and share health information.

We have partnered with NoMoreClipboard (NMC), one of the leading PHR solutions available.


You can create a free NoMoreClipboard account right from our website at  From our home page, scroll down and click on the NoMoreClipboard link that says “Register Now”. 

You can complete a personal health history from home, where you can more easily gather the information we need to provide quality care.  Even better – you can manage health information for your entire family, courtesy of Indy Gastro.

Once you create an account, you can use it to request appointments online or ask our nurses a routine, non-emergent GI-related question.  And following your appointments at Indy Gastro, we can send you an electronic update with any new medications, conditions, or even lab results.  This tool is designed to help improve communication and enhance your care.  You can even share your personal health record with other physicians, contributing to improved coordination of care.


Your personal health record is private and secure, and completely under your control.  You decide what information goes in, what goes out, and who you share it with.  When you are planning to visit Indy Gastro, simply go into your NMC personal health record account and enter any updates to your medical history and send your health information to one of our doctors.

As we begin 2012, it is an ideal time to organize your family medical information.  Indy Gastro makes it easy with a free personal health record.  Visit our website to create an account, or ask us about this exciting new tool at your next visit.

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