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Anal Fissure, Fistula, Abscess


The anus is the valve located at the end of the colon that allows a person to regulate when stool is passed. One has the ability to relax the anus to pass a bowel movement.

An anal fissure is a small tear in the lining of the anal canal.

An anal fistula is a small tunnel (tract) with an internal opening in the anal canal and an external opening in the skin near the anus. Anal fistulas are classified by their location in relation to the anal sphincter muscles

An anal abscess is a collection of pus in the tissues surrounding the anus. This can be caused by anal glands that become infected. Doctor should be notified immediately if abscess is suspected.   


History and physical examinations with blood and x-ray tests can usually diagnose these conditions.  


Will vary. Depending on severity of condition medications or surgery may be needed.


Anal fissures, fistula and abscess need prompt evaluation from a doctor. These conditions will be evaluated and treated depending on clinical findings.


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