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Indianapolis Gastroenterology Research Foundation and the physicians of Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatologhy are proud to be authors on many important medical articles.  We have contributed to articles on new treatments for hepatitis C, colon cancer screening/screening colonoscopy, clinical nutrition and other areas important to the care of the GI patient.  Here is a sampling of our recent submissions.  

Using Risk for Advanced Proximal Colonic Neoplasia to Tailor Endoscopic Screening for Colorectal Cancer

This article is an attempt to prove that a specific index is useful in finding patients at risk of pre-cancerous polyps in the part of the colon farthest from the anus. The article came to the conclusion that more cases would be needed to prove that this index was useful. 

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Risk of Advanced Proximal Neoplasia in Asymptomatic Adults According to the Distal Colorectal Findings

This article looked at the risk of pre-cancerous polyps in the part of the colon farthest away from the anus (distal) in persons who did and did not have polyps closer to the anus (proximal). The conclusion was that if you only looked at the distal colon of those persons who had polyps in the proximal colon; about half of the cases of pre-cancerous polyps would not be found.

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Results of Screening Colonoscopy Among Persons 40 to 49 Years of Age

This article looks at the chance of finding cancer or precancerous polyps in patients between the ages of 40-49. The authors concluded that, in the absence of symptoms, there is a very low detection rate of cancer or precancerous polyps in the 40-49 age group.

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Five-Year Risk of Colorectal Neoplasia after Negative Screening Colonoscopy

This article looked at the risk of developing colon cancer if someone had a colonoscopy five years earlier and no precancerous polyps were found. The authors concluded that the chance of developing colon cancer in this five year period was extremely low.

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Efficacy of Boceprevir, a NS3 Protease Inhibitor, in Combination with Peginterferon Alfa 2b and ribavirin in Treatment-Naïve patients with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C Infection (SPRINT-1): an Open-Label, Randomised, Multicentre Phase 2 Trial

This article looked at the increase in treatment response rates when boceprevir was added to standard therapy of Peginterferon plus ribavirin. The authors concluded that adding boceprevir had the potential to double sustained response rates compared to standard therapy alone.

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