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Hundreds of happy patients

Dr seems to be very knowledgeable seems to care

D.W. Google

I'm gla Dr. SHEN CHAK is treating me...he is a very knowledgeable profesional and gentleman.

J.C. Google

I had a wonderful experience. Fast service. Was scheduled the same day.

C.E. Google

Dr. James Jacob and his healthcare team are super professional and very helpful. I went here for a scheduled upper endoscopy procedure. Everyone including the scheduling lady, the person who asked me to sign waivers, and nurses were super polite and kind. The nurses who were accompanying me to operation room were so calm and also helped me calm down. Last time I was put in full anesthesia was when I was 7, so naturally I was quite nervous but the team was very helpful in calming me down. I didn’t even realize when they use the anesthesia but they told me it gets into effect in 20 seconds. I don’t remember any part of the procedure. They were so nice to call my boyfriend so he picks me up and also called him again to guide him which door to pick me up from my wheelchair. After the procedure, another very nice nurse helped me with checkout procedure and gave me apple juice. The unit uses Klara chat systems and I got timely responses regarding my questions before the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. James Jacob if you want to check any stomach related issues or want an expert opinion. Thanks a lot for your service.

M.J. Google

I felt that I was listed to about any concerns I had. He answered any questions that I had. Very impressed.

R.C. Google


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Your gastroenterology needs are at the forefront when you choose our team at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology. We’re a network of skilled and experienced GI professionals who are dedicated to getting you connected with the right resources and treatments. Our team looks forward to becoming a trusted source for your GI needs throughout the Indianapolis, IN area. Improve your digestive health today and schedule an appointment.

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An optimal way to detect and prevent cancer is to undergo a colonoscopy before cancer grows to a critical stage. Over 95 percent of precancerous polyps are identified during a colonoscopy and are removed during the procedure. Tissue samples from the polyps are sent to pathology to determine any signs of cancer. A colonoscopy is a preventative measure that safeguards your GI health by eliminating any polyps before they progress to a severe stage. A colonoscopy is a gold standard for both the prevention and detection of colorectal cancer.

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Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are among the most common types of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Many Americans are affected, with around 1.6 million currently impacted by these diseases. IBD is a chronic condition that’s typically diagnosed in patients before the age of 35. As a chronic condition, it can be treated but not completely cured. There are approximately 70,000 new cases in children and adults detected each year.

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