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Argon lasers are devices that use argon gas to emit a channel of light with a wavelength absorbed specifically by pigments such as melanin and hemoglobin, and that pass harmlessly through many other materials such as fluids. Argon laser therapy applies this technology to help heal many gastrointestinal conditions, a few of which are dysphagia, mucosal lesions, hemorrhages, and strictures. If you are looking into argon laser therapy in Indianapolis, IN, our team can help. For additional information about this laser therapy, contact our gastrointestinal specialists at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology to schedule an appointment.

Laser therapies, as a rule, provide greater precision in comparison to alternative methods, meaning that the approach better targets the problematic or diseased tissue. Incisions can be made smaller and more superficially and create less ensuing trauma to the tissue. Patients generally tend to recover more quickly following laser surgeries than from traditional surgery.

As with any surgery, there are risks. However, due to the extreme precision of laser therapy, it is typically thought to be a lower risk than alternate surgical techniques. Some of the possible risks include reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, and pain. Your wellbeing is extremely important to the gastrointestinal physicians at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Discuss with our team to hear more regarding the ways we protect your safety while providing you with effective treatment.

Our Indianapolis, IN medical team will provide you with individualized preparation directions to follow in advance of your argon laser therapy. You could be advised to pause the use of specific medications that can increase risk during surgery. Plan for some recovery time and transportation after the surgery, considering you will still be somewhat sedated. Please be sure to ask any questions you might have about the argon laser treatment process when you consult with your physician.

At Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology, we work to give you the best gastroenterological care possible to help you and your loved ones enjoy the best possible digestive health. Our team is proud to offer argon laser treatment in Indianapolis, IN to tackle a range of gastrointestinal problems. To find out if argon therapy might be right for you, please contact Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology to schedule a consultation with a GI physician.

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Dr Haynes was very kind and explained everything about my scope and gave suggestions for new meds. I felt informed and comfortable with the exam.

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