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A small bowel capsule endoscopy involves an endoscopic procedure wherein a pill/capsule, (which has a camera and a battery in it), is swallowed by the patient and is then employed to capture multiple photos of the patient's small bowel or intestine. Around 60,000 photos are transmitted, which, when compiled, in essence, provide a "movie" of the patient's small bowel.

At Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology, a small bowel capsule endoscopy procedure is commonly performed to diagnose the primary reason for unexplained bleeding or anemia. It could be conducted to look at the small bowel to further evaluate an abnormal x-ray, diarrhea, or abdominal pain. Reach out to our GI physicians in Indianapolis, IN to schedule a capsule endoscopy to help ensure the health of your intestinal system is preserved.

You will be given details and instructions from your GI doctor regarding the necessary preparation for the upcoming capsule endoscopy. In most situations, patients will be advised to eat as they normally do the day before the exam. You will receive instruction to refrain from taking anything by mouth any later than 7:00 p.m. the night prior to their capsule endoscopy. It is imperative/very important to adhere to the directions provided to you by your specialist. There will also be additional directions regarding your medications. In most instances, your medications will be resumed as usual a few hours following ingestion of the pill capsule. However, in certain situations, especially in individuals on blood thinners (such as aspirin, Coumadin®, Plavix®, warfarin, and anti-inflammatories) and in diabetics, unique directions will be administered.

You will be asked to arrive at the endoscopy center or office 30 minutes prior to your appointed procedure. This is to allow time to complete paperwork and any preparation for the capsule endoscopy exam. You will be asked to don a vest that will hold the monitors which will receive the transmitted pictures. Once the vest is placed on, the pill capsule will be activated and then swallowed.

After ingesting the capsule, you will be able to leave the endoscopy office. You will keep the vest on for the following eight hours. You will be able to drink clear liquids after two hours have elapsed after the exam and can have a regular meal after four hours. After eight hours, you will come back to the endoscopy unit and the vest will be removed. To learn more about receiving a capsule endoscopy in Indianapolis, IN, please schedule an appointment with one of our gastrointestinal specialists at your earliest convenience.

After the exam is completed, the images retrieved from the capsule will be downloaded to a software program that generates a "movie" of your small intestine. It could take the doctor many hours to carefully view these images. Exam results are typically available within a week. You will typically be called by the ordering doctor's office with the capsule endoscopy findings.

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Overall, the small bowel capsule endoscopy is an extremely safe process. Statistically, complications develop in fewer than 1% of individuals. The majority of complications are not life-threatening, however, in the event that a complication does occur, it might require hospitalization. In advance of the exam, a consent form will be reviewed with the patient by the Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology nursing staff.

One potential risk is that the pill capsule could get lodged in the intestine, resulting in an obstruction. This would likely require surgery and hospitalization. It is imperative to contact your doctor's office right away if symptoms develop after the capsule endoscopy, like increasing abdominal pain, fever, or bleeding.

Like any other medical test, a small bowel capsule endoscopy is not perfect. There is a small, acknowledged risk that abnormalities, such as cancers, could go undetected at the time of the exam. It is essential to maintain follow-ups with your doctor as directed and to inform them of any new or persistent symptoms.

To some degree, the alternatives to this exam will rely upon the reason for needing a small bowel capsule endoscopy in the first place. In most instances, esophagogastroduodenoscopy is the most effective approach to evaluate concerns in the small bowel. However, an x-ray referred to as a small-bowel-follow-through can evaluate the small intestine as well. An enteroscopy procedure is another option for evaluating the upper portion of the small intestine and may also be utilized for therapy.

To receive an examination of your small intestine in a nonsurgical manner, call for an appointment at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Capsule endoscopy in Indianapolis, IN is just one of the ways in which our gastrointestinal physicians will do everything they possibly can to ensure your health is maintained throughout all seasons of life.

My office visit was great but haven't gotten a call back yet in a week and half to get my capsule endoscopy scheduled on my small colon, even after I called them and had to leave a message 2 days ago, still waiting!! Need it done badly, my oncologist has been pushing it and seems to be taking forever, for any doctor since April and it is October now!

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