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Food intolerance describes the body's inability to properly break down specific types of foods. Food consists of proteins, nutrients, carbs, fats, and naturally occurring substances that give its flavor and aroma. Some of these aspects may prompt signs of food intolerance. It's important to realize that food intolerance differs from a food allergy, in which even a minimal amount of a certain food might trigger a mild to severe immune system reaction. Food intolerance typically develops over time and might take place when you consume excess amounts of a type of food too frequently. To hear more regarding food intolerances and how they might affect your digestive tract, get in touch with Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology to request a consultation. Our team offers care for food intolerances in Indianapolis, IN and can help you and your loved ones better understand this condition.

Food intolerances can trigger several kinds of symptoms. A few of the most widespread are:

  • Skin-related issues (such as rashes and eczema)
  • Swelling below your eyes
  • An irritable bowel
  • Bloated stomach
  • Throwing up
  • Joint discomfort
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Loose stools

Food intolerance is unique to you and is often attributable to foods that are otherwise tolerable for most other individuals. Some of the most widely known reasons are:

  • Specific naturally occurring compounds, like preservatives
  • A few foods, such as red kidney beans or chickpeas, which contain toxins when undercooked
  • Not enough enzymes specific for the breakdown of some foods, like milk products
  • Salicylates in some fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs
  • Items high in histamine (such as aged or fermented foods)
  • Vast assortment of artificial additives, preservatives, and colors used in processed food products

Our Indianapolis, IN gastroenterology team can help you discern which food items could be the source of your concern.

The specific symptoms you have and their timing can help distinguish your condition from a standard food allergy. Keeping a detailed record of your eating intake and associated difficulties helps catalog the foods that could trigger these effects. As soon as the correct food is established, you will be asked to temporarily cut it from your intake under supervised conditions. The Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology gastrointestinal specialists will then see you for change or alleviation of discomfort. Following this, the supposed cause is reintroduced into your eating to validate the intolerance.

If you have noticed concerning signs that are leading you to believe you might have a food intolerance, then you might benefit by consulting with a local gastrointestinal specialist. You can consult with a digestive health physician who can help with food intolerances by contacting our board-certified group at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Our providers can work to identify and avoid foods that cause intolerance to help you enjoy better health once again. If you want to find out more on food intolerances as well as the ways they are solved, request a consultation at one of our Indianapolis, IN locations today.

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Great doctor! He took the time to listen, he explained things and I felt like he was invested in my issues rather than just rushing through the appointment. I’m glad I have him to help me manage my issues.

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Dr. Crane is a really good doctor. The only issue I have is that you can't get someone to answer the phone if you have to call in. The other day I had an appointment for the Shelbyville location. I saw that I was going to be a little late so I tried calling. The phone rang for over 5 minutes. I then called back and left a message on his nurses voice mail. When I got there the receptionist told me that I was going to have to reschedule but she said that she would go ask him since I was there and I explained the situation to her. He agreed to see me and actually that was one of the best visits I've had since he became my doctor.

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Dr Buckley has provided care for me on numerous occasions and it has been exemplary !

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Dr Haynes was very knowledgeable and answered all of my concerns regarding my health. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a gastroenterologist.

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I wish I had been informed more about what activities to avoid and for how long. If I was told, I was probably too nervous to really listen. As it was, it was a full six days before I felt well enough to resume normal activities.

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