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Blood in your stool is indicative of a bleed somewhere in your GI tract. There could be several possible causes of blood in your bowel movements. Some of the potential reasons are minor problems, but it is still important to discuss your issue with a GI doctor at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology if you are experiencing bloody stool. When your bowel movement has bright red blood in it, that generally indicates an issue lower in the digestive system, such as the anus or rectum. Dark blood present in your bowel movement generally means that the bleeding originated in an upper location in the digestive system, such as the stomach, small bowel, or large bowel. We welcome you to reach out to our GI team in Indianapolis, IN today to obtain help with locating the source of this concern.

Blood in your stool can be traced to several possible causes and may be a sign of a specific health issue or condition. Several of the potential causes of blood in bowel movements include:

  • Inflammation of the large intestine
  • Crohn's disease
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Diverticular disease
  • Anal ulcer
  • Colon polyps
  • Hemorrhoids

Blood in your stool may very well be a symptom of a less problematic health issue, like hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. But due to the nature of problems that are linked to blood in your bowel movements, it is vital to call your GI physician at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology as soon as you're able. Our staff regularly cares for patients throughout Indianapolis, IN who face this symptom and will work to provide a diagnosis. The earlier they detect a condition producing blood in your bowel movements, the better the outcome for your health.

If you've spotted blood in your stool and are seeking treatment, call Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology to request a consultation with a GI provider. Our qualified GI doctors in Indianapolis, IN will look into your concerns and provide the treatment needed to help you live without worry.

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Great experience

N.Q. Google

My office visit was great but haven't gotten a call back yet in a week and half to get my capsule endoscopy scheduled on my small colon, even after I called them and had to leave a message 2 days ago, still waiting!! Need it done badly, my oncologist has been pushing it and seems to be taking forever, for any doctor since April and it is October now!

S.P. Google

Dr. ORINION, M.D. is the first of my doctors that has actually sit and discussed options with me and my husband about my whole life and what I have been through. He is very intelligent and caring and open for whatever I need to talk about. I asked him about other doctors here at MHP and he shared his opinion. I'm very pleased to have him for my doctor. He ordered bloodwork and called me with results the next morning! I appreciated that so much! I'm still waiting for my other doctors to call me back that I left a message with yesterday??? Thank you for your prompt response and for your kindness. May God bless!

R.H. Google

Dr. Cheng is a wonderful caring doctor. He listens and is so good with figuring out what the problem is and has a plan to fix it. I feel fortunate to have found him because I had been dealing with stomach issues for many years.All the ladies in the office are very caring and helpful too. Noone rushes you.

K.D. Google

Friendly staff

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