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Nausea is often referred to as a queasy feeling in the abdominal region. Nausea is often referred to as a feeling of queasiness around the stomach or abdominal area. It is a feeling that might cause you to sense an urge to throw up. Nausea is a common indicator of various conditions. This sensation might arise due to an underlying condition, as a result of food poisoning, or because of viral and bacterial infections.

Our gastroenterologists at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology will help you resolve your nausea issue. You don't have to spend your life trying to work around your GI concerns. Let our GI doctors in Indianapolis, IN help strengthen your vitality and wellness.

When dealing with nausea, it is vitally important to first determine the underlying cause. A comprehensive examination and a blood count are often performed as the initial steps in revealing why you have been suffering from nausea. Other tests and procedures are often needed. If you would like more details about how our doctors will support you, request an appointment at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology today.

If you have prolonged nausea lasting more than a day, then you should arrange a consultation with a GI provider who can uncover the underlying cause of your issue. Receiving the treatment required for nausea doesn't have to be difficult. Whenever you see us for a consultation with our Indianapolis, IN GI physicians, we make sure that your experience with us goes seamlessly. Call our office to find out more regarding how our staff can help you.

If you have extreme or persistent nausea and are tired of trying to bear it alone, know that help is available from the practiced GI physicians at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology. They routinely address nausea in Indianapolis, IN patients and have the training and the skills needed to allow you to return to a healthier quality of life. Request a consultation today to begin.

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Dr. Cheng seemed to be very knowledgeable regarding my rare genetic disorder, was very conscientious and seemed very caring as well.

M.S. Google

Friendly group of medical personnel. Dr. Very knowledgeable, friendly and had all the answers , questions to cover the visit.

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Everyone was helpful and caring.

D.S. Google

Dr Crane is the best. He’s been my Dr for 9 years and I will use him as long as I live close by. He tells me all the facts and is very nice and professional. And very thorough.

D.J. Google

He takes a lot of time and explain all the things he was doing. Doing all the testing he needs to have done and have an other doctors look at The results Just make sure he did not miss something.

J.G. Google


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